# Common Issues

# Blank screen on builds, but works fine on serve

This issue is likely caused when Vue Router is operating in history mode. In Electron, it only works in hash mode. To fix this, edit your src/router.(js|ts):

If using Vue 2:

export default new Router({
- mode: 'history',
+ mode: process.env.IS_ELECTRON ? 'hash' : 'history',

If using Vue 3:

const router = createRouter({
- history: createWebHistory(),
  // (you will need to import these functions from 'vue-router')
+ history: process.env.IS_ELECTRON ? createWebHashHistory() : createWebHistory(),

This will have the router operate in hash mode in Electron builds, but won't affect web builds.

# electron:serve freezes on Launching Electron...

Often this issue is caused when Vue Devtools fails to install. This may happen if Vue Devtools cannot be accessed in your location (eg. China). To fix this, you may have to disable Vue Devtools by removing the following lines from your src/background.(js|ts) file:

if (isDevelopment && !process.env.IS_TEST) {
  // Install Vue Devtools
  await installExtension(VUEJS_DEVTOOLS)

# Exceptions in async functions not getting logged to console

This bug can be fixed by adding the following code to the entrypoint of your Vue App src/main.js:

process.on('unhandledRejection', (error) => {

See #118 (opens new window) for more details. Thanks to dspangenberg (opens new window) for the fix.

# Other issues

Many issues can be solved by re-invoking the generator of Vue CLI Plugin Electron Builder. This allows it to add newer code to your project files. You may need to do this after upgrading the plugin.

# In the root dir of your project
vue invoke electron-builder