This guide is for upgrading from <=v0.3.2 to >=v1.0.0.


  1. Re-invoke the generator for vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder by running vue invoke electron-builder. Make sure to update the package before running.
  2. You may delete src/main/index.js. If you have modified it, those modifications must be moved to src/background.js after re-invoking the generator.
  3. You may delete any electron-webpack config options, they will not be used. By default, they are in package.json under electronWebpack. Instead, your regular app's config is extended.
  4. You may delete any electron-builderconfig options, they will not be used. By default, they are in package.json under build. Any changes that you have made to these must be moved to plugin options.
  5. You may remove webpackConfig and webpackMainConfig from vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder's plugin options. Webpack config for the renderer process is your normal webpack config, and you can use the chainWebpackMainProcess function to customize the main process webpack config. If you need to customize the renderer process, use the chainWebackRendererProcess function (guide).
  6. You may remove electron-webpack, electron-builder, and, if used, electron-webpack-ts from your devDependencies. You may also remove source-map-support from your dependencies.

What has changed

  • Electron-webpack is no longer used. Instead, your app is built as normal (but with some slight configuration changes).
  • This means there is no need to change your config to work with stylus, sass, or any other special files.
  • The commands have been renamed from command:electron to electron:command (since 1.0.0-rc.4)
  • Typescript support is automatic for both processes, just add the @vue/typescript plugin.
  • Your normal build will not be overwritten by electron:build.
  • The folder structure has changed dramatically.
  • Electron-builder's config is now taken from the builderOptions key in vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder's plugin options.
  • To learn more about the internals of this plugin, see how it works.